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Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

THE BEST TAPE DISPENSER, Tape Gun, on the market. Perfect to quickly seal boxes, packages, or tape walls before painting. Adjustable Tension Control with effective Brake. Less Effort More Smooth.


THE PRO’S CHOICE for fast, effortless taping. Designed very effectively for carton sealing, box sealing, combining, reinforcing, and bundling operations. Also speeds up painting projects. Simply load a roll of masking tape and tape up walls, doors, and more so they’re ready for painting.

INCLUDES SUPERIOR FEATURES like Adjustable Tension Control with sturdy Brake. Chrome-plated sharp tape cutting teeth cuts the tape easily and precisely without hanging or tearing. Tape cuts evenly and instantly. Now you can tape boxes and packages without all that frustration you get with lesser Tape Dispensers. Pistol-grip style allows easy one-hand operation.


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